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Greensboro Paint Company


As owners of BEK Paint Company, David and Judy Long discovered what a dynamic business team they made when their small home improvement business blossomed into a successful painting company in 1998.


After the last of the couple's three children were born, David began home improvement work on the side to supplement the family income and Judy focussed on taking care of the kids and home. When the painting business took off, David retired from his career with the Greensboro Police Department at the tender age of 50 and started BEK Paint Company. 


BEK Paint Company specializes in commercial and residential painting.Although BEK Paint Company has evolved from a small home improvement company, David and Judy remain steadfastly committed to the community they love. Judy recalls with a smile, "We still have little old ladies who will call David to do little things like change a light bulb or fix a fire alarm."  Without missing a beat, "And we absolutely love to do it." David says of his wife and business partner,  "Judy is the spirit of the company." He explains her role as the welcoming voice clients will hear first,  "She takes all the phone calls and schedules the appointments." Chuckling a bit, "Judy is the boss. People will ask about my schedule and I tell them to ask the boss," David says.


But it's David's face you'll see on the jobsite, running estimates, checking on the painters, and interacting with clients. "We strive to stay as accessible as possible," Judy affrims, "David often takes business calls while we're on vacation or even in the middle of the night!" And rest assured, if David is going to be as little as couple minutes late, Judy will pick up the phone to let you know.


Besides being dedicated to their business, the couple is also dedicated to their family. "B.E.K" stands for the names of their children: Brian, Elizabeth and Katherine.


Indeed, family is important to the Longs, and putting their children through college has been the motivation behind everything they do. Respecting your home is a priority to the Longs. "We treat everyone's home like it is our own," Judy says. "Our guys are all very good, and they know what David expects. I know what it's like to have them in my home and have a bunch of men in here painting. We're meticulous in how we treat your home and how we prepare your home to paint."


Judy and David know the impact a fresh coat of paint can have on a home. "We both love people and we love making people happy," Judy says.


Lori Madsen has used BEK Paint Company Inc. for three different projects and describes her experience with David and Judy as outstanding. "From the first time, they did an absolutely excellent job," Lori says. "We needed it done rather quickly and other paint companies said it would take at least a couple of weeks; they did it in three days. We had several rooms painted and they sanded all the walls, fixed all the nail holes, and sanded the ceilings. When they were done they washed all the windows. They did things I felt like we wouldn't have gotten with other companies."


When they aren't working, you can find David and Judy boating and relaxing on Smith Mountain Lake with their children and their dogs. The self-proclaimed animal lovers have two dogs and four "granddogs."


The Longs have been involved in the community since they moved to the Northwest Guilford County area in 1982, serving in various positions from PTA president to Little League coach. They love the area and are big supporters of local business. "We live here, we know the people, and we're not going anywhere," David says.

Meet the Owners

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